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so called tuberculous deposits in the lungs are by no

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in diameter. After carefully watching out the bowels

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border of the liver and the inner border of the spleen

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in animals produce what is technically called Myiasis.

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urine for the last two years. Not a night passed without

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properties of growths so materially that it is necessary

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ral peritonitis. There was a certain amount of muddy

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knowledge of the laws of light and their relations to

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with Megarhinine pupa and a few others is six days.

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hours the examination of the films and in such cases

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generation of blood cells and of stained precipitates

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Dr. Squibb presented the Biographical Sketch of Al

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observations which are about sixty five in number. The

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matic and he held to that opinion until his faith in it

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trils and the ingenuity of operators and cutlers has

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pointed delegates to the Congress of Ophthalmologists

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larvae live in rapidly running water fixed to stones by


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