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3. Paralysis of the Cranial Serves. These may be manifest in
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nerve involved. In case of injury to the eye, or at a point where it is
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liver, and have a sense of weight and dragging in the right hypochon-
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oughly washing it with an antiseptic solution, or fomentations of a weak
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Tetanus is a toxemia accompanied by more or less tonic spasm of the
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toration, which may be streaked with blood. If the disease j)rogresses, the
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Bone. — Tuberculosis of bone is common in youth and is always pre-
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destroyed and also part of the true skin is affected. Inasmuch as the
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of camphor. Where a surgeon is at hand, amputation of the member is
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of cases it cannot be considered a true inflammatory process.
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of acute s\veilin<j. ' (Jfali the diseases that cause sudden and <j:reat enlar<^e-
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shall have progressed for several days, attended by severe symptoms of in-
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way by which we can determine whether or not a given case is tubercu-
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factor in their etiolog}-, and I regard the greater prevalence of calculi in
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and in older persons four weeks, when they may be gotten up on
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phatic glands are involved and the pancreas is surrounded by pus. Pus
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long continued use of carbolic acid as a lotion or where it is continu-
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is usually around a nucleus of bacteria, shreds of epithelium, or blood-
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' Powell says a fine inspiratory crepitant rale is heard in heart-disease congestion, and that there are
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may slough off, the ulcers healing with but little care. There are two
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the red ones are shrivelled, serrated and partly disorganized. The blood
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thready, and feeble in proportion to the intensity of the dyspnea. The
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profuse hemorrhages. There is spasm and excessive tenderness of the
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