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a simple chlorine water but a mixture of pure chlo

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single patient from the effects of traumatic inflammation.

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fractured left patella resulting in half an inch intersub

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fluid is rapidly drained away the vessels unloaded con

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bat to repeat the former operation so as to remove cal

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toms the air passages to the vapor and thus produces

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pressed upon in he same way that a bed sore is pro

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to Dr. Lee did the deformity show itself. At this time

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posed the thread the silver wire being no more innocu

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refer the reader to it as the most valuable document

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work of Dr. Tobold there was scarcely any treatise of

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bilicus showing that there were no adhesions in this

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way through the substance of the organ into the lateral

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and came to me with disease of the superior maxillary

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refer to a case in which the chief symptoms of chancre

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mortis but eventually she entirely recovered. In that

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the deceased and the Secretary is directed to communicate

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ordinances of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

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component parts of the proboscis to separate in one

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easily discovered. Gross s scepticism is expressed in the

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ber of the classes of 60 61 62. On graduating in 1862

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tion of discovering truth in its purity. These are they

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some extent in dwellings but they are very valuable in

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precipitates to settle to the bottom. When cold the

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yellow fever have occurred during the last two weeks

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transferred from one bird to another by inoculation and

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tioB exist in the United States for the separate education of

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mediately. After having satisfied himself as to its pres

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warmed solution of soda zinc sulph. or with glycerine

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ness of trichinized meat when thoroughly salted smoked

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the necessary depression or elevation of the hand in

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