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are no productive localities where it could be said to always
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their office of Examiners during the pleasure of the Council of the said
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ments into contact with the ova. Amongst some of the
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enough for minor surgery and the inhaler should be with
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Dr. L. Brocq says that when bacteriology of the hair
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tient who rapidly developed erysipelas after a trifling operation.
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years 1000 units are given as an initial dose and at intervals
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tice. This emulsifying power is most marked with balsamic
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The fifth intracranial case is also one of the same
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Medical Society Fourth Vice President of tlie Medical Society of
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contain any fluid. The peritoneum was smooth and shining
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interesting surgical cases and exhibited specimens. One was
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from their origin to their terminations and to their conjunctions with the
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tions can produce a therapeutic effect except through
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I. Indications for and Method of Operating on the Middle Turbinated
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that none of these pass into the peripheral branches of the
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depends on enzymes or ferments which have a solvent
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that certainly was not evidence of insanity or lack of testa
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ative interference in these cases and to urge that those
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of the spleen is its enlargement and this produces marked
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If the germ possessed a definite virulence and always
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peated the cough may not be reproduced. Usually it is
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membrane about the anastomosis appeared normal. The kid
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inal cavity. There were none of the signs of any limiting
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program is copyrighted by the Board of Trustees and contains
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larity in the digestive tract and to constipation in preg
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It was known that the bacillus of smegma is more sen
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taneously followed by a speedy recovery of the patient. Ber
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glycerin fatty acids and ricinoleic acid. This combina
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currence of such a phenomenon is however not conclu
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tients condition at the time the cases were reported by
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crowding and general annoyance that has characterized a num
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Registrar General of Ireland. Weekly Quarterly and Annual Reports 1887 88.
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tary measures and appliances in the form of photographs or
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spect it is not really inferior to some other modes of preventive
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time the cornea becomes glazed and sticky giving an
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sidered a hopeless condition. He thinks we should seek out
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in the state. They have made their report and while
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fertilization and correctly so since the process is one of
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first saw him as it seemed entirely separated from any connection
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connects the glass portion of the pump with the air chamber
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Dr. L. Brocq says that when bacteriology of the hair
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The blood of naturally immune animals would contain
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to drain other regions which have simply been repositorie.s of
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gin. In two subsequent cases a solution of formol was
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adjustment nitrogenous fluid is taken up from the tissues
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has been given in moderate doses for a few days. The
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The infection has now become so general that fully SO
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the medicolegal cases in eye surgery which are not common
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Answer. Its essential lesions are not determined and none of
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unusually large number of papers of practical interest to those
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muscle attached. Tlie capsule of the joint is now opened
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gentle handling. Stimson records an instance in which
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Edinburgh or of the Facultj of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow do hereby
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cept in one in whom painful pressure points were observed on
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frequent parallel arrangements of the filaments thus
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line aff ection in whose management the surgeon should be con
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the sodium bicarbonate is replaced by ammonium carbonate.
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the other hand Van Beneden who since the above con

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