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cholera etc. The experiments show that bacteria may be

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stitutes the mixed form of neurosis and intestinal catarrh.

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tem of fines and imprisonment for confirmed drunkards along

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which account for their existence 1. In their great convenience

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ning to recognize our real enemy among the factors of

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tliree cases it can be attributed to spermin although in

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spond closely to those described as atrophic but it seems

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speaker s 23 cases. In only one instance was it typically pro

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reviews the history of the various skin diseases and shows

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attended the patient in childbirth previous to the acci

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the inner end of the petrous bone including the depres

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the frequent recurrences were due in large measure to

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been culpable in administering too hot a bath or has

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place and softened. There was a distinct line of demarkation

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the muscles have wasted and the humeral head has un

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be they are punished not for their sins but by them. In

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Demol s article appeared almost simultaneously but a

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nosed the ease as one of fracture and dislocation. The plaintiff

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ported and in but three of them was it successful. Such re

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being applied about two inches below the pyloric orifice

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and an increase of 117 over the corresponding period last year.

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suture being circular so that the rent is not distorted. The

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partments can also be put in the same advanced position.

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shall be allowed to tesify against the other as to any transac

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monia may deceive the physician into the belief that he has

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minutes. At this stage one usually administers about ten

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heart disease in Philadelphia. May 1. He was a resident of

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He was born in 1821 and was graduated from the Ohio Medi

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gratified by the substantial concurrence of opinion expressed

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ing. who reports a case with careful microscopic examination.

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curred about one half hour after the hemorrhage. As to symp

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not perhaps new will bear close and careful scrutiny at the

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reflex they must be studied with great care or the exam

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divorced as much as possible from the work of the chief surgeon

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what he was doing. He was also permitted to introduce as a

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country suggesting means for securing a one fare rate for the

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lation or interpretation in this field and finally to a

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for a period of one year and who have passed a satisfactory

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station with feet apposed and with his eyes closed he

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same result may also be produced by vasomotor paresis.

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the rectum 5. DilTerentiate between the anterior and posterior

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ment in making the prognosis in a given case of labor is the

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extensive. The two or three diseases with which gland

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to this and also to the building chosen for the hospital.

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ZiemsscQ gives a full account of the parasite in yd. Prac. Med

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general methods of treating this disease. He showed that in

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tion was passed bv the State Board of Health of Cali

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It may be warranted in some rare instances but Nature

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affected there were such slight changes in the coronaries

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otologists upon the seeming independeace of the Eus

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leges of our hospital. We also issue in addition to our certifi

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exists vmquestionably the tumor is situated in the posterior

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of her left eye was becoming weak and shortly succeed

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rarely indicated at first. In tic which has lasted three

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tion to the question of altitude first we nof ce even amongst its

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I am confident that a law requiring physicians to report to

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hair there being a minute blood vessel in its interior

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monthlies but there are one or two French ones that might meet

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life. Watch the progress of labor and interfere only if con

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frequently on account of the paucity of the micro organ

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does also when it occurs after a period of comparative repose.

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will sail on the Hamburg American steamer Batavia Maj 5

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reported to the Board of Health. 2. What restrictive measures

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the inference that there were impurities in the Kolbe acid which

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