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starving was estimated at 20 000. The symptoms differ from

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unable to think or apply himself. After a time he falls

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condition. A clean cut is safer than expectancy. This has

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in such a short time without previous suppuration in the nose.

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I saw here a number of cases of typhoid fever and amid the

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ous disorders which have been found to follow or complicate

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addresses are taken from the Report of the Illinois State Board of

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speak of such phenomena as pretubercular in the sense that

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one inch from Poupart s ligament. With considerable

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The patient drank tea on the day of the operation ate

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efforts in reduction. Professor McBurney has collected

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malaria plays the same part in the production of nephritis

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shown in the laboratory experiments. The animals used

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week of the fever cultures of typhoid bacilli micrococcus

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Dr. Paddock Hirst in his work on obstetrics advises giving

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of the ears but in youth he seemed to be rather healthy.

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assured the typlioid bacillus must always be found in the

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but the results obtained in a series of 200 cases of ty

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having the patient cough or stoop no further injections need

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can be applied to the roof of the middle ear or mastoid cavity.

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according to our present knowledge that the staphylococcus

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of exophthalmic goiter followed partial or total re

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of spitting therefore everj thing practicable should be done to

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