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ary aggravation of the disease. In 7 cases there was a

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At least three of the four questions must be answered.

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gression from the monotony of the conventional pro

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of the ganglion scmilunare especially those referable

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nounced in these columns last week the Trunk Lines Asso

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to moisten a couple of old cotton cloths about a yard square

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the defect be remedied by the proposal of the Council of the

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mits the production of the disease. Therefore the bac

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City the most important arrangements have been com

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TT l P t eutenant colouel and deputy surgeon general.

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that successful treatment demands early and accurate diagnosis

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inal Eympathetic ganglia are especially affected and this condition

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not like the oblique. The shotilder with or without an

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Plantation or Dependency whose signature shall be verified by the Secretary or one

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of the delegates from the New York State Medical Society which

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a primary pneumoliematothorax 2 without diagnostic aspira

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ous medullated fibers can not be explained by the tech

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by Aulde for typhoid fever in which he advises the use of

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Auto Irrigations of Urethra and Bladder Ferd C. Valen

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After the cells throughout the body have been stim

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wrist. He thinks that this must be a true reflex and since the

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Registrar General of Scotland. Monthly and Quarterly Reports 1887 88.

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lesions of the spinal cord throughout its entire extent.

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Kentucky Covington April 7 14 9 cases Lexington April 7 14

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the bone lifted and turned over breaking the bottom edge of

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broad extremity attached to the parietal peritoneum.

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department and had traveled extensively in Europe in the

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Anatomy and Surgerv Vol. Ill p. 143 calls attention to the use

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tain forms of treatment do for tic douloureux we must

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