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pathologic report presented a clinical picture of Landry s

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Some Kaleidoscope Pictures in Rhyme. Thaddeus A Reamy Cin

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Board of Examiners in Anatomy and Physiology the Dental Board and the several

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contained an enormous amount of pus a few red blood

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Proceedings of tub Twenty Fourth Annual Session of the

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Smallpox Diphtheria. Typhoid Fever Scarlet Fever Measles.

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Provided always that no Candidate for the Diploma of Fellow shall be required

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blue. The pigment granules of the malarial organism remain a

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still under observation by Dr. Wynkoop Dr. Class de

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tected within a swollen medullary sheath. Many nerve

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shown in the persistence of lobulation in the kidneys of

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and was sent to the General Hospital suffering from appar

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ing that as it recapitulates it if a person is injured mentally

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the secretions of the cutaneous glands large numbers of

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tion of the interstitial tissue later and termination in the for

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small quantity of the juice or soluble substance of figs to

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Defective Development and Disease with Special Refer

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the skin was discolored the heart area enlarged but the

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town had examined the man two or three months before the

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clots of blood and beads of vitreous that might be present

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ring in one of otherwise debilitated constitution. But these

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to 1894 there died yearly from diphtheria from 15 to 18

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welcome large bodies of individuals in conventions as

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and gave a description of the specific bacillus and discussed

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eclamptic phenomena being also present. The patient

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diseased hair can be brushed out and the sooner that is re

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coma or other neoplasm. The operation was performed Feb.

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cal art wishes to know where human ingenuity may enter to

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mitted to the public schools. One of the homoeopaths unused

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catgut and be sure to include enough tissue in the grasp of the

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the final result is not always brought about by exactly

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object lesson but would be thought a good joke on the

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after cease to be eligible for election upon the Council.

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which can be secreted and excreted by the functional

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Transperitoneal removed all but lower half of pelvic

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A distinctive badge will be provided for delegates.

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of the bowels relieves their nasal sjTnptoms or any nerv

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On this side of the subject Tillaux observes that the

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It will be observed that this section introduces a second

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into one dense mass the infiltrated omentum having a

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good give rise ts a well founded conviction that immor

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eligible to sit in the Council provided a That no Member

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extracted bacilli will be found to have lost much of their

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face of the liver and pyloric extremity of the stomach.

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tion of vaccin virus to complete the work of general vaccination

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ingeal artery is so reliable that he can reconunend it as a

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India Bombay. February 22 to March 6 1468 deaths Calcutta

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and tell them you want the skeins that contain the green color

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troubles do not give rise to generalized tuberculosis. The

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The death of Mr Quain having been reported the following Eeport of

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by trade mark or copyright registration. Hydrogen dioxid is

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Medicine they gave unmistakable evidence of their apprecia

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muscles no medicine that I have ever found as yet will

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estimated certainly it is patent to every physician.

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The jury was instructed that the letter of communication

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who do not carry ou scientific pursuits on a large scale. We feel

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vide a sphincter and although by covering the exposed

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moval of this canal. If old dense strictures of cicatri

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protozoon and metazoon cells only tended to increase

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mosaic dogs pigeons chickens cows pigs silkworm workers

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of micro organisms to the toxemia of pregnancy in view

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