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Hickerson vs. Neely is not to be officially reported but will

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commonly infected by the tubercle bacillus and the pus

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of the ureter. Nine patients have been operated on by Albar

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of the nuclei look swollen others look contracted. Nucleoli

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III. Candidates prior to their admission to the Second or Pass Examination on

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sultant on the introduction of small quantities of water

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less as to what part presents at the uterine opening.

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thigh etc. The disease at first progressive usually comes to

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miscarriage and premature labor. 5. Define accidental hemor

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are dense adhesions of the upper pole of the tumor which can

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established under the regulation of the state. It would

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indication for milk diet is similar but the disease is so pro

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used when the lymphatic glands are invaded and also in some

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Comby advises that in chronic dyspepsia due to atony and

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them. In spite of all this his results seemed to be excellent.

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increased pay at the end of five years service but the surgeon

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the phar ynx. About two years ago he was paralyzed.

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was in a woman and was undoubtedly hysteric. She presented

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which is provided by it later in the diagnosis of tumor of the

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they should have normal refraction when entering the

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adhesions to the other viscera after tearing through the outer

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tumor an endothelioma of the dura mater had pressed

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posed to do everything for them that is reasonable and right.

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entiate between a food and a medicine in its broad sense it is

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the individual vesicle of syphilis is much more deeply

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to a form of giantism in a boy 4 years old associated

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in the old clinical method of studying insanity while the past

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preservation of scrapings methods of mounting and called at

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she supposed to be acute indigestion. About six weeks

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diagnosed a case of ununited fracture of the femur. On

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Bacilli derived from colonies on glycerin agar or from

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and some joint action followed. In the second case

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ance in connection with the question under considera

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awards and judgments on such losses was appointed by Pres

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otologists upon the seeming independeace of the Eus

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may be ascribed perhaps to the greater density of urine

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rubber tissue. Linen pillow cases and linen caps deprive the

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being done. But it must the court continues for the same

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warning are to be filled in and sent by the principals to

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records as to their condition when they are examined. He re

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complished satisfactorily as there the water can be cooled

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tying the facial artery and vein. The mucous of the lower

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yellowish somewhat cloudy fluid. The right ureter and kid

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gether and Wolff utilizes the alveolar processes to close

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Philippine Islands Manila to Feb. 13 100 cases 90 deaths.

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cised in selecting them that the coupler when it is in

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sacral plexus. Furthermore the anesthetic areas and

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terms it may be contended that a disease of an inflam

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mine because it would be only by the merest accident

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son both of Laeon. Medical Education for Fifty Years in

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look for some one who will operate. It is unwise to send a

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sis. Localized pain from hemorrhoids fissures tumors

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interference with gaseous interchange is sufficient to ex

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same publicity does not appear to have been given to the

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