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fried sausage on the seventh day and was on a full diet

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feature of the annual medical gatherings gives promise

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election of officers for this Society occurred at a recent meet

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The successful cure and prevention of inebriety is largely an

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called granular kidney the kidney is sometimes small

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a particular disordered condition known as a disease.

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the guests. The following officers were elected for the en

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employs onh one fourth of these official articles i. e. of 100

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ence. Therefore I will consider certain facts derived

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and throws the gauze in a bichlorid solution keeping it there

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or those engaged in manual labor and equally striking

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also a French English and German English medical dictionary.

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the Ohio River and east of the Mississippi from Cairo to

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the hair it makes no difference how often it is cut and singeing

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tion and presentation. He succeeds thus far show him

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be rapidly fatal or chronic and for certain diagnosi.s one must

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at the fifth or sixth year and then has a tendency in

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believes that the peripheral processes of the cells of

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A boy 7 years old was affected with the catarrhal form of

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villi preferably within the inflammatory foci. The ap

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past week. As both were probably preventable radical meas

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ent and also the patellar tendon retlex there had never

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these are not only signs of an incorrect administration

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tion. All the patients lacked bodily stigmata of hysteria ex

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John Birch Esquire the said Thomas Keate John Heaviside

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opened and drained. The swelling of the lower jaw was due to

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talline lens was lodged between this membrane and the

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about 10 per cent give some history of drugging in in

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As for the aortic diseases he advises the use of the preparations of

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Warner Shuttleworth Beach. Mereier Clouston Rayner

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The Council has had a working experience of 87 years and it is

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against it. In spite of all the opposition which we have

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portions of the fifth nerve is a justifiable operation.

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however did not alarm me as I expected and was pre

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out much if any clinical significance at all events there

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bercle bacillus. The fever he ascribes to mixed infection

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his observations in the Hospital for the Paralyzed and Epi

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employed. These bills however give specifications as

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