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culty was abated and the result lias been that at the
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erally think it is a mighty disease and wants mighty
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with such explanations and arguments on the part of
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tions of quinine in addition to other treatment. Aa a
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gregated together without sufficient regard to the use
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vertebrate from which they suck blood. In some ticks
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cations and gradually increase the strength acooidiog
the respiration free the head thrown back. Its screams
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our hands it might reveal should be received with a
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human understanding is very hard to convince in such
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can be set up for use at a moment s notice. Of these
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an inch over the upper part of the breast had sloughed
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notion was quite prevalent in the neighborhood that
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anaerobic organisms does not take place in presence
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Uie cat this animal seems to retain its tenacity for its
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rhythm of the heart perfect the impulse is very mod
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experiments were made with the bichloride of methylene
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C. Hilton Fagob for the New Sydenham Society. Phil
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medicines receives as it rightly should especial men
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He has now returned to his ordinary labor that of a
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general health to promote healthy secretions and to
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manent preparations are desired the salivary glands must
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Dr. Post exhibited a specimen of fibro celuUar tumor
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which contains the organs of reproduction. The human
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cisely the kind of information which a Board of Health
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the danger of anchylosis as varying fix m degree of in
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lithotomy snould not have been successful. If it had
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peritoneal surface of low vitality owing to continued
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ceutical processes. This includes apparatus and utensils
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of the subjects is most judicious and unexceptionable and
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India rubber ball perforated at its base so as to admit
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up entirely to amusements and feasting trusting to the
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gated into larger masses though these may be seen to be
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Arachnoids usually parasitic. They occur in earth in
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office he could now join with alacrity in the vigorous
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arterial haemorrhage well in fact so well that it was ex
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of the Board of Health. These new measures are well
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terest to ascertain the condition of the brain and me
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interest and lastly the condition of the brain being
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doses every hour. The effect he describes as wonder
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medication became necessary. The cases in which the
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admitted is based upon more correct principles than any


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