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reflected rays will be focussed on the part to be treated.
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but those from the other patient showed the bacilli of
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Techniques Indications and Ultimate Results of Suturing Round
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by the various changes which took place in these cells
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fifteen or twenty pounds more than she ever did and en
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purgative but also a mechanical one. It envelops bacteria
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This lumbar fistulization of the kidney and evacuation of tlio
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may prove to be incorrect and current explanations inad
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build a hut in the most pestilential spot of the malarial
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tion with such examinations. We did not bring it out to per
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migraine and their trouble is preceded by frequent at
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If the heat be too great at the focal point the patient
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When jjresent it materially facilitates the execution of
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The patient is at present in excellent health generally
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thereby continued and are such Examiners for life and others of them
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reseetin through the surgical neck ai d endeavoring to
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is identical with the one Bilhargia which causes such intense forms
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the red blood cells when given it should be combined with
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either in a lotion 2 to 5 per cent. or combined with sulphur
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Our observations lead us to believe this the best treat
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haste in publishing their work. Israel is more encour
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action is closely related to the phenomenon of agglutina
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coloration being only slightly objectionable. He has used this
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cartilage on the one hand or the want of accentuation
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when the atmospheric pressure was increased or diminished
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Speaking of the value of the previous history of labors in
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has practically no control of tlio extensors of the lesr
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Societies marked with an asterisk have been addeil lt iM lt
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and it is a creditable feature in the management of the College that
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tion has set in. Serious mischief may be inflicted and
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which are accompanied bv labyrinthine involvement the
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had the greatest experience well know that at the stage
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air in the external auditory meatus it presents itself as
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hydrargyri iodidi HuxliaTu s tincture tr. cinchonte comp.
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Maydl in a recent report of 25 eases operated on states
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react differently and independently from the general
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try to match it with another shade. It is a difficult matter to
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terest. It has also furthered the association of the profession
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