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by inserting the hook beyond it and drawing it down toward
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prescribe with similar detail the proper conduct of all scien
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fore excursion rates have been confined to a ten day
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antitoxic qualities of the blood constitutes the defense
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If this be true then it follows that this pressure must
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employs onh one fourth of these official articles i. e. of 100
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their normal alkalinity once a spot has thus become
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has influential backing most of the supporters being
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in small and safe doses directly after operation as a
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rarity of vesicular syphilis makes the great preponder
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through it of an umbrella rib. The injury resulted in
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Suffolk District Medical Society. The fiftieth anniver
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held by them the yearly value of 20 000 in the whole.
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Attention to the following facts may frequently be of
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from dirt and dust and giving the poor sanitary homes we
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sition completely the head tends to droop forward or
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rejiort of Dr. Bennett the resident physician which ap
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not be dealt with without gieat risk by operating from be
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crease in the numerical strength of the army authorized at the
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To give the reader as near as possible an idea of the monthly
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Discussion of Step. This part of the operation is the most
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perfectly comfortable but it is somewhat reduced in size.
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ments were conducted at New Orleans in a manner very similar to
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a depression in which it rested with loss of epithelium on both
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Surgeon in any Regiment Troop Company Hospital or Garrison of
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North Carolina. In 1S7 J upon the organization of the Board of
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may minimize the effects on the public of the constantly in
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Asst. Surgeon John McMullen granted 60 days extension of leave
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pupil dilates at the commencement and contracts when anes
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based was made by the daughter after she had become of age.
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nature seems to be restricted to the more delicate bronchial
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the dura mater. The following hypothesis is offered to
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stand and in which they have confidence. We will thus secure
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tion of the services rendered by him to the College in the
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new chapters in what have hitherto been called amicrobian
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also reports two other cases one due to puncture with
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possible relationship. The true clinician is no longer
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tablished by the authorities of Texas under its statutes were
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ment of Surgeon to a Hospital General Dispensary or Union Workhouse or where
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we may have a scarlet fever and a diphtheria together.
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exertion promptly and decidedly increases the temper

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