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remedy on which the principal reliance is to be placed

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of a dispassionate investigation. Popular prejudice may

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epidemics of cholera but the old obsolete unphiloao

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the discussion be resumed at the first opportunity.

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istry at Nancy has just discovered a circumstance which

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Resolved J That we tender our heartfelt sympathy to

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posure to air. The only satisfactory test of malarial

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continuance of the treatment varyinp the strength of

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more than an inch. Four applications were given one

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is mixed with a sufficient quantity of butter of cocoa

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sense of cleanliness imparted which had not been ex

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tumor in the epigastric region below the diaphragm

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three days of the disease he gives a teaspoonful three

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forced upon the surface for three or four minutes the

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surface of the water. Many of the Stcgomyia larvae will

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lishes distributes or circulates or knowingiv causes to

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The character of the breeding place must be carefully

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children and was now pregnant with the third at the

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music the effect of which as it was described by the

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rriod as the disease can be accurately diagnosticated

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not present flagellum terminates as an appendage con

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then in 95 per cent. and from that to carbol xylol 25 per

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lent that they are naturally diseases of childhood but

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different qualities of the different ligatures and the dif


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