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way through the substance of the organ into the lateral
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ment is better performed by a rack and pinion but in
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the disease or any apprecialne symptoms is no security
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tive diagnosis upon. On the day following these symp
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health and to keep it at the standard to which he ought
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one being loaded with small sized cysts and the right
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hours of its use but had invariably destroyed all traces
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these cases is similar to that of continuous exten on by
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urates and phosphates. About five or six weeks after
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ture of these fungi is based on these points. According
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ment is arranged. In the male there is no central block
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at a first application spasmodic action ensues at the
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as they lap upon each other on both sides of the loiee
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any faculty. The necessary increase of their members
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foetid odor was due to ulceration and sloughing of its
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resting in the groove of the staffer director which should
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or in the old Ck rona Veneris. Cut down through the
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of washing 2 000 pieces per diem an elaborate mangling
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to receive his examination for a diploma. The difficulty
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proceeded to put him under its iufluence. He stated
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gradually increase the stringency of our demands and
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sation or general applications are to be instituted.
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