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size and became pedunculated. It was removed in the
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eighty grains and contains forty grains or every six
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own opinion he solicited that of the distinguished savant
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tumor or an accumulation as occasionally happens in
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valuable reflections. The diagnosis he says should be
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given to this body the name ateHurine. It is distin
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by reflected light for the same reason. They can be
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further process of internal budding form tertiary larvae or
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they were not cases favorable for surgical interference.
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periments were sufficient to establish the almost incred
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proboscis prominent often greatly elongated fleshy with
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that the session had been marked by the bpst of feeling.
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wholly dissolved so as to present a gelatinous appear
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which even in the ceremonious old days of three cor
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would be no sense or honesty either in advising witb
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suppose any one clerk in charge of any one set of books
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again felt and the body is covered with boils. Glu
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facets upon its surface which proved the existence of
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patient was troubled with nausea and occasional emesis


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