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myopic. The iris trembles like a mass of jelly through

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subperitoneal tissue between the bladder and rectum. The

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While under the existing law midwives were required simply

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that the drug causes a rapid decline of strength and wasting

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pital Instructor In Laryngology in the University of Penn

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and the diagnosis should be made long before they appear.

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infant presenting vesicular bullous and pustular lesions

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and rounded forms which showed the bipolar staining in an

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I lc. 1. Area of hypesthesia previous to first operation by

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inanition. Therefore it follows that the remedy for the

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divided on the anterior side of the ligature. The anterior

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rise of the blood pressure which becomes dangerous in

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Sir Michael Foster has called blatant science that is

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The history of pulmonary tuberculosis during the last

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throughout our northern Atlantic and lake regions. It

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ency of most modern authors to the typical paroxysm

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Gardiner has recently inoculated with dust obtained

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M0KTRE.4L has been having an experience with la grippe.

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Mr. Wyndham one of the most prominent personalities in

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is required but slight elevation of the brain there has

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that the avenue of infection is usually through the in

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which can be secreted and excreted by the functional

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eight weeks but this was easily reduced by repeated hot

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