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eruption are variola and vaccinia generalized bullous.
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think that the meningeal complication was due to typhoid
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In the treatment of hypertrichosis great care should be used
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tion of the bacilli inherited or acquired. Hereditary
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Compresses saturated with a solution of potassium nitrate
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National Formularj in 1895 as pulvis acetanilidi composi
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day eruption could be noticed appearing on the forehead
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Cure of Functional Impotence J. Murray Clearfield Pa.
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valium footballs
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and 839 females were admitte.l U5 died. At the Maternity
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AN.SWER If the terms and regulations for practice in New
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sioners of the District grant the licenses of persons and places
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Much has been described under the head of reflex neu
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the fact that the matured bacillus does not appear until late
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Dr. Powers third patient a young railroad employee in
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Report of Case of Specific Myositis Simulating Retroperi
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culosis of the ileum and its mesenteric glands. Krogius
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patient rallied for a little over a week when an abscess formed
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Commemorate the Seventieth Anniversary of his Birth. May 6
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the acting assistant surgeons and would materially improve the
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branch appears through the foramen rotundum from the
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solution injection without the whisky and opium in half the
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disaster to the precious and holy interests which it is their
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