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Operative Treatment of Diseases of Shafts of Long Bones

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rather a confusing one which is only somewhat sifted by an exam

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be carefully taken at least four times in the day and for

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nut of 568 cases. This symptom was present in 13 out of the

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an arrest of development or defect of one or several of

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ceded that Maydl s method has its distinct indications.

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and cocain. On the 28th T found everything progressing

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ward and only the toes touching the floor. In walking

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The effects to be expected are that the local disease

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bloodless one and on account of the ease with which the

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cases of poisoning by alkaloids and he suggests it in bella

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It was found that thermal stimuli of this sort in the

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the vagina on all sides strips it loose from the bladder opening

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in his nature to depend on himself and he must there

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be relied on for assistance. Therefore the best of nutri

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of strychnin and do not leave the patient until reaction begins.

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the liver and the colon on the stomach prevented the

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or control in the Government of the College and the Members

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on the tissues of the patient and inspires the hope that the

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educational and professional institution and not a political one.

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should always be done so rapidly for in some instances

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improvement from the use of the oil an examination of

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administer a purgative dose of castor oil or of calomel before

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sented itself and I can only reaffirm what I then said

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in small quantity and experiments which have been con

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Cerebral and Visceral Nerves authenticated by preparations of the dis

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tressing for from twenty four to seventy two hours but

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the depression caused by the mortification disgrace or despair

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reaction to the fibula the fracture of which bone not being

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case the patient stands with the leg flexed and abducted

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tients. There is but one rational line of treatment 1. To

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answer and the material inquiry is whether he truthfully re

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Children already wearing glasses should be tested with such

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and myself treated thirty six cases of variola of which

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practical work in all the processes used in bacteriology. Stu

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