Valium Before Epidural Injection

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the Nova Scotia Hospital for the Insane reported observations

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writer states that five meals in twenty four hours are sufficient

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according to old methods the results would have been similar

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The medical dei artment of Toronto University has sent

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Dr. Simon Flexner spoke of certain instances in which

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In a case of motor or sensory paralysis or both com

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given in the history. The author is inclined to think however

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involvement of the motor or sensory side of the cord.

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in Dermatology Sehiff Vienna Diagnosis of Thoracic Affec

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his serum with G deaths a mortality of 27 per cent.

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An adjournment of the debate was moved by the Premier

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Eighteen medical students from McGill University are mak

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adds Dr. M. are in the cabinet of the Philosophical Society

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the neoplasms which were microscopic in size and un

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