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strength just as the administration of thyroid has done in
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association of the kidney with those organs supplied by
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treated with that reasonable degree of skill and care which the
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poses detail in explanation is required and prolongs the
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the progress of rheumatoid arthritis can be arrested in any
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ful method and he gives a tabulated statement of his own and
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the Iowa State University Iowa City were held March 28.
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mental symptoms almost invariably goes on pari passu
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these cases yielded excellent results and were presented
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delphia County Medical Society in favor of giving graduates
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supreme court. This rules out all graduates of medical schools
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by a renovesical reflex. The case here reported is cer
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three examples. 10. What division of chemical combinations
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Considering that the pectoral was alleged to contain morphin
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Physicians and Surgeons Kingston The University of Laval Quebec. Dal
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the process of nerve repair that there can be no per
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further invasion closing with a few words on prophylaxis.
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licenses have been granted for the sale of oleomargarin.
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scribed as a gliomatous growth the central part having
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in Addison s disease opened up additional lines of experi
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oping colonies examined at intervals show an alternate
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and practically the same whether the patient is lying
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earlier recognition of the presence of cancer judicious
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sive motion with the affected leg finding rotation free.
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that the jury can judge whether and to what extent he will
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in the methods of examination and keeping what records
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Dr.S. Makx said that his own experience has cenvinced him
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communicate with Mr. Bennett manager and secure reserva
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salts with the acid the new compound is formed and dissolves
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expression since so far. we have been unable to analyze
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pain although it sometimes precedes. If frequent and severe
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way. Our readers can therefore appreciate our expression of admi
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is done by syringing with 1 in 40. He emphasizes the import
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select to convene. The magnificent Boardwalk directly

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