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physicians and surgeons are held to possess only the usual
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also a canula fastened in the carotid artery. In accord
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ondary anemia in a girl 2 years old who had been under
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is an interesting observation. We might expect these
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Mace. occasions as they shall think proper and expedient to exercise and enjoy
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mission by a healthy third person is possible and frequent but
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to warrant the assertion that the process is always trust
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in the water snail by Bischoff and Meissner and the
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with the gauze I held in my left hand. I immediately
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the following steps 1. Stain in hot anilin water fuch
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would but rarely be indicated especially as pus either
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making observations and discoveries in Nature or for experi
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in special the dynamics of these abortifacients. In the
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Pulmonary tuberculosis is more prevalent in some races
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then only those serums which pass this test without giv
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for cancer of the ampulla of Vater resulted in one death and
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as he used to when he was still up and about and could
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ual. Every member of the American Medical Association
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the younger men should be warned against the needless
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radiating fibers are relaxed and the intensity of the sound eon
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sociation. The meeting was an eventful one and we were pleased
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amination of blood showed red cells 3 984 000 leucocytes
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patient. Repeated examinations of the urine were made and
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As for this volume on Urethral Surgery it is enough to announce
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what doubtful. The most important publication on the subject
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utilized when making the preliminary examination. If at this
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pelvis contained no fluid and the ureters were not enlarged.
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of death where transportation without operation would be more
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doctor I am under everlasting obligations to you for saving
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in harmony with the desire expressed by the Fellows and Members
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routine and often thoughtless physician who uses opium

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