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which quinin is entirely useless save in small doses as a tonic.

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case reported by LeConte. He concludes that when the wound

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caries Society of London should arrange to hold a Qualifying Examination

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Begulations relating to the Education and Examination for

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them questionable especially for those cases in which

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duced and by the sixth day was cut off entirely. Vari

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suffering from tubercular disease of the lungs and a third

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ureter. Histologically the lining membrane of the ureter con

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continually hauled in to do service when they are very far

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the Diploma of Fellow of Candidates who comiyienced their

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of lesser effect than that occasioned by simple disuse and not

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suffering from a dislocation of the cervical vertebrae due to a

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the outer head must be divided and if the circumflex

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they claim in order to obtain the full benefit of the Col

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Colonial Indian or Foreign Student not registered by the General Medical

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Importance of Early Recognition of Tuberculosis A. M.

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reported here for eight days the first record of two Sundays

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ical ease in which the post mortem findings were rather nega

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occurrence of cancer has increased from 1 in 5646 popu

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and buying and selling cattle one in which sound memory and

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and from there into the contiguous tissues Or should

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ease lasts forty days can be accepted. Another fact that

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gravity of water the bacteria remain indefinitely in suspen

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