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selves under the authority of the resolution passed at the Meeting
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both unilateral and bilateral implantation of the ureters
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he would restrict all food during the interval with the ex
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the discovery of the streptococcus in this affection opens several
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fast tea without milk or sugar and 50 gm. of bread vith
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multiple visceral metastases. No disease of the ganglion was
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superior skill. If the members of the profession stand
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Sers is not attended by a proportional swelling of the
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to his occupation in a manner reasonably as effective as it
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opinion sustaining the previous decision. The defendant
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account Colorado and the AVestern Territories. As said before
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surgical hospital with every home comfort and a medical
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and this is the view adopted by Busehli. He is sup
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the appointee is to reside and in which his services are to be
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is a matter of uncertainty on account of their scarcely
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person who uses them is engaged in the practice of medicine
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be taken by the physician in administering strychnia to pa
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my reasons see a paper by Dr. Spiller and myself in the
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in all its various departments and has excellent plans
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portion constituted the face mask and the lower part the
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At the meeting of the Johns Hopkins Historical Club on the
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fession. Nor does the court find itself alone in the position it
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moved. After relief for eight months the pain returned No
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The following are given as special directions 1. In case of
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icine Judge Charles P. Kine Springfield The Ideal Physi
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invertebrates. This is really so absurd that it may be pre
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found that he had regained all the movements of the ex
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be confirmed by others we have a valuable guide in several of
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Operation of the Case System in Harvard Medical School dur
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Smith for some slight ailment who had perfectly white
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puration. Some of these patients evidently suffer from
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After noticing the history of the plague Simpson says there
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cause of the changes in the bone production when the air is
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The REPORT of the Los Angeles Health Department for March
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elements left no doubt as to its metastatic nature yet if a

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