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distinguished surgeon for giving us the dark as well as

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anesthesia. The drop method employed as I have just

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our not getting fecal vomiting. Also the pressure of

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dislocations has added a new impetus to this department

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exertion promptly and decidedly increases the temper

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Pa. has devisftd an admirable operation which is at

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necessarily vary accordingly. To functional disturb

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mated by the societies that this will amount to 3000

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need not be anesthetized nor killed afterward. 7. The permission to

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cines in The Journal of last week pp. 986 988 the various

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to recommend the Council to authorize the following expenditure

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the Certificate of Qualification in Midwifery and shall conduct its proceedings

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more effectively managed and is declining in preva

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Bacteriologio Examination. A blood serum and a glycerin

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mated its morbific powers. In fact it is probably not

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in his right arm. The first began about ten years ago. His

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of 220.000. In the list of deaths are 96 from tuberculosis 48

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individual case must be studied to determine the most advan

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Sydney Stephenson. Largin a new silver preparation said by

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For a number of years I have been doing this class of work

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and private benevolence was held in 1889. the second in 1896.

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arthrotomy for double shoulder dislocation. The dis

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cell. In a great many of the cells however they are flat and

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tity used in a given time but of equal importance is

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pital laboratories would reveal the fact that in a large propor

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line aff ection in whose management the surgeon should be con

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larged joints should be treated by massage muscular move

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The peritoneum is stripped away from the ectad face of the

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of the mouth so greatly increased the suffering of the

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ment the nomination for election by them of the four Examiners

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old he had a convulsion and was given opium daily for

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smegma. The enlargement at one extremity is partic

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ganate 11 2 per cent. ten seconds. A brown flocculent

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set of organs must give the surgeon great concern in

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Demonstration of a New Method of Sterilizing Catgut. The

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candidate s acuteness of hearing is normal for whispered and

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should be by an agent of the Washington Humane Society a

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