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or one of the other remedies recommended above for the scalp.
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on the swollen capsule and on the villi. In women the
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be an abdominal hysterectomy as this is the most scientific
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practice in the treatment of an injury to the elbow of the right
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for tic douloureux limited to the infraorbital and in
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clavicular dulness is highl suggestive of tubercular
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surgeons 2500 a year. When quarters arc not provided commuta
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convincing and it is to be expected that the Kew York
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accustomed to the changed condition of the atmosphere atid the
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case whether he pass or fail to pass his Examination.
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take out the cervix on the side which is least implicated.
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epiglottis. The head correctly placed should remain so
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view however is more morphologic than physiologic. On
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cious malignant syphilis. This proportion was doubled the
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only as bearing on the question of malice a question of ftot
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the case was reported. But how many of the moderately
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Lembert sutures are taken around the borders to make
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Dr. J. Henry Barbat San Francisco presented a paper en
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action the absence of unpleasant odor the absence of excite
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ducible after our first efforts fail lest after muscu
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of severe neuralgia of the lower jaw etc. cured in a few
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Regulations relating to the Examining Board in England 32
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ers than those of the remote past we have accumulated
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public is open to the same kind of objeetions as would be
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the opposite side in the same manner. 14. Close the median
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whether they are due to simple tubercle bacilli infection or to
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State of Michigan recently appointed Judge A. J. Mills
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swamp mud near New Orleans and in the gutters within the city
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luted condensed milk of the Eagle brand bread coffee and
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president Denslow Lewis Chicago assistant secretary O. B.
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phthisis. Oitt of 1078 who rettirned answers less than
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ations in these cases as many of them survive after a first
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organism through the air passages. The disease germ is very
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symptoms of intestinal obstruction and on the morning of
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liarly tenacious mucus is secreted leading to coagulation and
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danger he thinks it the best thing to do in all cases.
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mixed treatment for seven weeks while the swelling was

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