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cludes that other means than free hydrochloric acid must be de

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The Dissertations for the Jacksonian Prize for the present year 1888 must be

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some even going so far as to attribute the origin of per

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Duchenne wrote. Three similar cases have been exhibited in the

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passed the Examination and the date of their presenting themselves for the Primary

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School has again been broadened. The hospital will offer special

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the instruction under discussion was defective in that it failed

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Homoeopaths and bogus Ilomcoopaths the Any way you choose and

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Lincoln. In the first suggestion is all important perhaps a

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The water supply for which reliance has hitherto been placed

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pected of intelligence is the real paradise of the palmist

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with less will eventually have to pay dearly for his experience. The

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also voted to extend to the members of the American Medical

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every place for the performance of experiments on living

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stain intensely in Nissl preparation. and the tigroid is abun

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possibilities when introduced into the environment of

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death of their late colleague Mr. Thomas Blizard Curling and

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The relative amounts of o.xygen and carbonic acid gas

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was drawn to the value of the ophthalmoscopic corneal re

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monly found. These minute nodules of the dura seemed

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account of diabetes. About four years ago he consulted the

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is h ue. except that it involves a wider range of reflexes.

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unilateral. In 18 out of 24 the choked disc and tumor were

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The state autliorities recently examined fourteen cattle In

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rather than depressing drugs. He would rather recommend

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size. If any considerable fibroid is found opposite the internal

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slightly respond to the mydriatic. There was no history

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for many of tliese months aggregated more than a quar

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the exanthemata yet the possible variety of complica

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Dr. William P. Pool said that the methods described in the

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Sectional Limits of Cutaneous Anesthesia on the Head.

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body for long periods of time on one foot while the other was

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tally only one of these patients received benefit to the extent

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ting An act to amend the public health act one to establish

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four weeks after the operation. It is remarkable that in

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