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was not relieved even by subsequent operation by Dr.

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salines and cold continuously with ten minutes intermission

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can be procured injected into a sterile area of tissue with

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rence of infection by the malaise gradual loss of weight sense

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This card merely states that some eye or ear disease is

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with complete success in every case epitheliomata con

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Disease and experimental research on the chemical properties physiological

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says Pain inflicted for a lawful purpose and with a justi

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the blood vessels which takes place when it is stimulated.

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but two to three germs. Hence the culture seemed to

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statistics in England from 1850 to 1886 and proved that

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sion to curette and he does not think steaming of the uterine

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wi h the bacillus malarice of Klebs but there is no satisfactory

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cantharidinand chemical agents in weak solution induces

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At the present time it appears to be getting a little the

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When sick animals or those sufi ering from sores or wounds

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disease. If it was a descending ureteritis then blad

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Whether Member of any Learned or Scientific Society and if so of what.

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ported as the result. A careful inquiry reveals that the

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be imitated hence the tremendous effort on the part of the orig

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which were formerly diagnosed as cancer are now prop

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The suppurative fever can be shortened four to six days

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The Medical Review. Medical and Surgical Bevieio of Be

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scarring results. Pinatelle has reported an instance

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type. These have been removed to the quavantine station

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initial symptom. Pneumothorax may be the first sign of tu

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and is a serious wrong. We have often wondered how men

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of women who manifest symptoms that may have their origin

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ing down of the nervous system is much less due to the

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people can tolerate a hyperopia of perhaps 2 D. or an

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