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in the mere organization of the work of the staffs of

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used in flight in the male but rudiments only in the female.

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infectious disorders. During the past season clinical in

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ered the essential feature of malignancy. The relation of

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fiable intent though severe does not come within the statute

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The post mortem examination by request of the rela

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for a period of several months. Later another one opened

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the appendix with great detail and many interesting

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fact of irreducibility also speaks against a fresh traumatic

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from several of the recognized Provincial Hospitals calling the

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V. Leydeu s clinic extols the remarkable benefits that may be

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which Dr. Moyer will make namely that the condition is

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not only about the buttock and lower extremities but

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developed. In another of my patients the pain began

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with several thick layers of dry flannel. The compress is

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full and regular and respiration 24. He vomited some

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nearly a half decade but by an occasional paring the

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of this family are predisposed to vascular dilatations.

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incorporated by twenty physicians and now has a capital

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health officer alone on the theory that his conduct was in

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medicament was injected into a vein of the forearm

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The second third and fourth years alone furnish nearly a third

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accidental murmurs the signs of mitral stenosis and pulmon

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branous portion and the cavernous tissue not in the muscu

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inally then transversely arranged connective tissue and

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symptoms were practically absent. This led to or strengthened

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not yet fully explained the present onkologic classifica

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assumed a new phase. In the April issue of the Canada

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cleansing the skin of the body. The production of al

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on voluntary movement especially if of an automatic char

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the outlet of the ureter and forms a tumor in the bladder

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nier s the condition followed typhoid fever. Excru

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pain tenderness or headache 3. Why had this existing

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remarkably large size presented by the late Mr. James Merryweather

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polynuelear leucocytes. Bacteria could not be demonstrated

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