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animal experimentation in the District of Columbia. The ex
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history of carcinoma but a history of an attack of acute
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vealed a most extensive carcinomatosis of the peritoneal
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of frequent occurrence and is usually accompanied by symp
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types of tic douloureux not including the purely symp
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you to illustrate certain methods of procedure in operat
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For such coma baths are the only remedy. If the temperature
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researches on the lower animals confirm this and it appears
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to light the way for the clinician. Several facts in connection
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and crushes all who unfortunately come in contact with
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to that condition formerly commonly spoken of as scrofulo
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were aneurysmally enlarged at their exit from the bone.
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the liver and the portal system which in turn affects
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eephalic skull it was necessary to chisel ofE the top of
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This Plan also admits of the wings being slightly reduced in
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capable of parthenogenetic development to a certain ex
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rise of the blood pressure which becomes dangerous in
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by osteotomy as far back as 18 0. He opened down on
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toms since 1884 and began to have paresthetic attacks affect
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the axis cylinders are swollen. Compare this degenerated portloa
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of the opening are beveled. On either side of the tube
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the members of others will have special subjects peculiar to the
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Wyeth s movable steel drills. The external wound was
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The last smallpox patient was discharged from the Youngs
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of middle ear disease is necessary before formulating any
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tion of the uterine wall and pressed against it thus forming
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with agonizing pain in the left side of the chest. Tem
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Tuberculosis seems to claim as many victims in Manitoba
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monia. 5. Do not lose sight of chest exploration if peculiar
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ivandtschaft and Griggs humanism. It is really a species of
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body for long periods of time on one foot while the other was
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April 12. The following are the newly elected officers presi
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though not invariably so as demonstrated in the celebrated
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in order to detect the evidence of Disease or the effects of Accidents.
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hemorrhages in two of which there was complete success in
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by its fat 2 a medicinal action by its bile elements stinju
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tural history of infection depicted as an active bacillus

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