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THE PITTSBURG INSTITUTE OF ELECTRO-THERAPY, Suite 400, Pittsburg Life Building, Pittsburg, Pa.

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tubercle bacilli, laryngeal involvement corrected and irri-

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and the weight of the oven upon this string kept the penis

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on the left side : superficial reflexes very faint.

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2ist, now on leave of absence, w'ill repair to this city

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periods of emotional alteration that they are classed

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tical Exercises. With Colored Plates and 450 Other Illus-

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Russia — .Astrakhan, gov ernment \ug. 1-13 604 273

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ulcer). The delay is brought about largely owing to

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Clark's rule, to divide the actual weight of a child

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from transmissible diseases were reported to the Depart-

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sults in three cases ; 2. the percentage of sugar very

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charge of the office of the Chief Surgeon, Department

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5. Preservation of the Submaxillary Branch of the Facial

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blood weekly for examination. One week after the injec-

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exit us facile comprabavit ; quaiidoqiiidciii paucis

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rather freely, but in the last few years had been a tee-


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O'Har.'V — In Lynchburg. Virginia, on Sunday. Novem-

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•contrary, it too often continues to progress, more

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of the iii7'isiblc and insiblc forms of light, respect-

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Remittances should be made by New York Exchange or post

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much reduced in four cases ; 3, slight reduction in

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ed, and also by gently shaking the patient from side

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disease, syphilis and tuberculosis, must be treated as

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pler rules of cooking, could be instructed in the use

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somebody to prick his fingers on ; yet it is quite ex-

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enter a sanatorium for treatment, — first, because

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of speech, aided by a careful drill in its technique, without beating

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34 cases, 7 deaths; malarial fever, 3 cases, o deaths; scar-

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On September 3d, a diagnosis of constipation and hyper-

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may recover from rabies, but cases of alleged recov-

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duced in the dancing mice, he has had no ill effects


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