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soon after the infected ship arrived. In the same man

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Uver and other parts is interfered with by paralysis of

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medical and surgical records of the war is contrary to the

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tumor or an accumulation as occasionally happens in

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in both ovaries and matter exuded on cutting into them.

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was accepted and Professor Cleland nominated as presi

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that in many instances actual pneumonia was caused by

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economical of the second class of disinfectants is char

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mendable pride in this matter the teachers have another

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particularly when deep seated abscesses form such as

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upper border of the patella confined by two bandages

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fished under the shade of the willow trees it became a

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place around the portion included within the ligature.

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delusions that even physicians are occasionally led into.

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with distilled water till the washing has only a faint bluish

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of the eye had been supposed free from liability to

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toms and the eruption ran their course. All the eight

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when as lie stated be had his usual difficulty at stool

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of the blades a distance of about five inches from the


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