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der can be dilated by the finger or by simply expanding

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whole enlarged portion of the bone removed along with

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encysted in the livers of negroes in Africa. The number

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the exception of those staining deeply with eosin are

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punctured in several places and the blood allowed to

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the Surgeon General will give to the pubUc as a amp n3t

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terior to the fourth coxa. and its shape and the presence

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and a half inches from the os externum expanding rapidly

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Db. Booebs alluded to the case of the late Dr. Tnttle

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is segmented and terminates in the anus and external

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plained of pain and impaired vision his pupil was ir

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away. It is often useful in identifying the first sound

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sickness by braving the weather and in storm or shine

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two operations lithotrity or lithotomy ought not to be

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but if the abscess be a very large one it is pmdent to

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going. In one case there was extensive disease of the

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life is much required during infancy since the brain

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trary present themselTes to my recollection. Whether

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deposit. This abnormal deposit may be a superaddition

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the time but refused to be carried to the hospital and

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lowish or drab colored appearance then we assume that

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call it so might even be looked upon as singular. I


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