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tive fever by which the life of the patient is imperilled.
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All soldiers treated for the disease are compelled to re
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cal disinfectants and their prompt employment in necessary
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the auscultation of the chest Original and interesting
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march of the epidemic of 1865 from its cradle among
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which very nearly correspond to those proposed by Dr.
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and an indef itigable student he well deserved the title
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outwards a distance of four inches. The integument
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length of time indicated only to be followed by a still
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hardly able to raise her hand to her head. The left leg
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large collection of coagulated blood was found beneath
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man had been the victim of this vicarious function for
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tlw late meeting of the American Medical Association
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the last needle which w fix gt m the dorsalis pedis artery
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the faecal contents of the intestine it need undergo very
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after several eulogies upon the deceased the following

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