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assistant or in many cases and what would be far pref

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but what does it avail us if the professors refbse to com

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mention the elaborate elegant and useful publication

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liad produced. The plug in this case was more perfect

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repeated daily or at intervals of two or three days.

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of Dublin Ireland and a few others are credited with

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A cathartic of magnesia in combination with charcoal

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sels. 3. The principal diagnostic signs are the rapid

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prisingly arrest in chronic cases an exacerbation of the

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institution. Atlerwards he occupied for several years

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tightness of the sutures being always adequate to arreit

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newly arrived in the country passing thirty or forty

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treatment of dilatation by means of the finger and for

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I have the pleasure of presenting now to the notice of

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Pancreatic Reaction. The fresh urine must be acid and

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scapula. This latter circumstance decided the surgeon

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omentum was adherent in several spots on the surface

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The bladder to whidi I then tnrnedrmT atteolion was

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records eight cases treated by Malgaigne s hooks com

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of the present century. The discourse was interspersefti

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thousandth part of a grain of potassa or baryta the

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som of the proceedings of the British Medical Asso

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phrsician of Bochelle has publiahed a work entitled

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of years without any tendency to ulceration or lympha

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it incompletely after the manner of the silk ligature

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alization necessary there cannot be so much danger in

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ulations scarified individual muscles galvanized every

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of yellow fever contracted in the line of duty at New

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cases in which it had been used. For this and for other

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any one would undertake to examine into their motives

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of the cyst the transverse and descendmg colon inti

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the pus may be left to find a natural opening and only

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fectf oD of a Register. No pains liave been seemingly

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case of spontaneous dislocation of the ulna. It was

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plied down the spine. The legs were but littie sensitive

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scarlet fever is nearly as fatal as the entire class of

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most organisms a broth neutral to phenolphthalein will

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of quinine first introduced into use in this hospital by

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He swallowed two ounces of undiluted chloroform at a

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the front pair larger than the hind which are always

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soon restored to health but not to immimity from new


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