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position is as a rule but a transitory midway relation in

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pass 5300 c.c. This quantity of air is divided into the

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after extraction. It was again removed two days later

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tion. He uses as far as possible foods that remain but a

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of almost ail serious ocular diseases or conditions. The

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against this view. They realize that as Herbert Spencer

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avoided. Except in extreme cases purgatives should not be

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probable pathologic conditions of the eyes. For the

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article unworthy of the few years of protection invested by the

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poor conditions that hyperopia and astigmatism are mal

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the Council of the College will wait on their Lordships.

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of life however are more numerous and show fairly uniform

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strong slightly curved narrow bladed knife and make

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divided into three categories 1. Advanced fibrous myo

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of real property which the College is entitled to hold is syste

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Splenectomy is not an operation to be lightly entered on

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soft rubber are sterilized before using as are also specula

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Perhaps the most frequent cause of enlargement leucocy

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ate some of the diseases in which the nuclelns and serums have

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The large numlier of well known pathologists who are

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wide capsular spaces. Some of the cells not contracted are

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quire attendance on annual sessions of eight and nine months

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are a few reports in which years have elapsed without

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that of the other. This was confirmed by measurements

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The incision was made over the right rectus muscle

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abnormity not sufficiently gross to be detected by our

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of this city will most surely be drawn. This threat is now it

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tal and the roof is like a Norman rather than a Gothic

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Durante. In the course of the development of the striped

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dences of attenuated virulence. The chief modification is in

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sensation having returned prior to the fourteenth day. I

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Method proposed by Dr. Frank Allport of Chicago 111.

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iology. 2. Meetings to be held annually in some important cen

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existed in 401 out of 614 cases. Dr. Church has collected 23

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who arrive in supeib health but uccumb to the infection in

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connected with the case. Upon a closer examination I

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will dissolve out more gravel than ordinary well or hy

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complication constantly noted by the writer was an atrophy of

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