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have beeen very difficult. A vesical injection terminated

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xwords its contact with the nerve centres is sufficient

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In this case occurring in the thigh a portion of which

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allegCvS thttt the SDgar disappears from the urine after

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attention of the Society to the fact that in the present

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panied at first by slight rigors which gave way after a

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lady fifteen years of age who in connection with defeo

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and the stupidity of the subsequent compounder are to

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a penalty for ne ecting the same for three successive

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of the organ. Over a circumscribed space near the apex

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wards was so great in 1865 that one might have sup

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creased in severity and frequency up to the time of

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and excretions either Uthic oxalic cystinic or phos

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thirty to sixty drops to be taken daily properly diluted.

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made very early even before the pus is fully elaborat

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in the one case or of focal adaptation in the other.

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the inspection of members but firom which they should

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in any part of the intestinal tract and occasionally

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after death the transverse and descending colon were

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only evidence of this disease furnished by inspection is

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This will keep the specimens and stronger alcohol at

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These is a movement also on foot in Canada to establish

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be anything more sustaining than the reflection that we

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but slightly increased and that muscular power is not

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rude shock of the world has dispelled our first and

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For the isolation and cultivation of vegetable micro

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sels. 3. The principal diagnostic signs are the rapid

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The ball could be distinctly felt in the situation before

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the collecting box. To prevent insects attacking the

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tion I made an incision in the line of the cicatrix which

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the alveolar arcade. The simple hare lip may be either

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rhage occurring in the course of the disease from the

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