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toms as those formidable hemorrhages which sometimes occur

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the Royal Army Medical Corps and their helpers have

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method. A patient with a neuralgia of the third divis

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ment sensations markedly different from those which are given by

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the society to see that the work done by them or under their

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digestion as a cause. Nature we are assured is very

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but it rarely attacks men before the age of 10. I have

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it not only gives a better opportunity to deal with diseased

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tainty between these various organisms. As obtained

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right loin extending toward the corresponding testicle.

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after 6 and 3 in good health after 31 2 years. Tuffier

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with the rank of lieutenant. He is ordered to the Philippines.

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monia in pertussis in measles and above all in scar

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bacillus anthrax caused by changing environment may

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formula as an injection in the treatment of inguinal hernia

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prominent and advanced symptom of which is the bacillary

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preceded for two weeks by a vesicular eruption probably

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Recent experiments have shown that the vibrations communi

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organs with the exception of the uterus gave negative

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intended to entirely disinfect the wound. Tn removing splints

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creased the quantity until one tablet was taken four times

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Pain is not a rare occurrence in facial palsy from ex

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tions as to rest feeding and medication were entirely

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But what can we do to stop this plague if there is no

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cities. To this means I have secured the collaboration

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sistantships in the department of ophthalmologj and otology.

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The fluid of the pleuritic effusion is usually turbid and fetid

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a large funnel with rubber tube the latter passing completel.v

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under his care. Such is the willingness of the British author

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pensiveness. As a rule the anesthesia is not deep enough

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due to artificial coloring. The father of the patient was

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