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flowers from his own gardens to cheer the suffering in less
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thing as nature requires. If the pains are untimely, it
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stand, almost exactly, what has been going on in their
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(d) Lessened convalescence (only true in the presence of
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The Office of Student and Faculty Development provides vision and leadership in addressing
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right arm to be elevated, and the hand to be brought almost in
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a little rose water, i pt. jelly stock, .sugar to taste, i pt. thick cream.
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may be given once a day in half a bucket of cold water,
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ble substances was noticeable at other times, indepen-
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antitoxin as with any other drug, namely, that the remedy should be given
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cholera has afforded us new pathological questions, which
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we refer the reader, never justified any such inference ;
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placed, without hesitation we should accept the local
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the other. Although this condition is normal in fetal life, yet
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AgBiinst prurigo, which is an incurable disease, returning always in
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not yielded to the foregoing treatment in the course of six, eight, or ten
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and of special nervous symptoms, rather than of gen-
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activities in specified regions, such as the lungs, liver, intestines,
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4. Acute Appendicitis with Typhoid Fever. This is comparatively rare
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lanceolate coccus usually afford a more favorable prognosis than those
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borhood. In Holstein I have very often seen as rapid a pulse
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of Citium to raise a temple to Aphrodite, for it was
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practiced after every operation. The same procedure is
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cautery, acid nitrate of mercury, and carbonic acid snow.
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accord. This disease, as the name implies, shows itself
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ter, and obtain as many signatures as they conveniently can. If we pre-
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into brownish-green or blackish, boggy, shreddy, or pap-like
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Sotelo, Julio E. Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine.
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