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insensible, and was found to have hemiplegia on the left side

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source of mischief : contusion of the prostate in draggins; a t the

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more thoroughly impressed upon the profession's attention by Quincke

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(1) What were the chief reasons influencing the aviator in choos-

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for the right time, we might possibly prevent a dis-

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known. Cancer affecting the tonsils or the salivary glands

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proper position in the social scale, besides adding to his income,

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Lecture on Ophthalmic Surgery every Saturday evening, at

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foimd to give a precipitate of purins with ammoniacal silver nitrate,

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ence of valvular lesions is inferred from the absence of eDdocardial

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The latter the most frequent, and due to overjvork and

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zinc to the tannate. The product is a dry, brownish-green powder,

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this country. (Altogether, the out-patients, as re-

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44 Introduction to the Study of Diseases qf the Nervous System.

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patient had been in bed with occasional slight loss of clear fluid, only once

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remedy that will benefit a weak-minded child or a person of weak men-

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appreasion of the ohest^ and huiried leqiiratioQ ; the latter, and Urn

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and affects mainly the liver, spleen, and kidneys. The

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any thing it was more complete, but this man was operated three

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(1) Aneurysms of the ascending aorta are strikingly different from those

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mogram. The following is Cushny's description of what happens in animals : —

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number of 32, making a total of 90 cases reported to

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ferent pathogenic agents (King). The pneumococcus is repre-

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Why does Quinine give such Variable Clinical Results? — Under

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)f old eruptions, but this is not constant. A form of

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by a committee of magistrates and physicians, appointed by government,

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remain. The clearing up of the cellular elements is distinctly

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" There is a difTerence of opinion upon tliat question. I think

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M.P., and the medical officers of the hospital, supported

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wscliodu. (Ciintribution to epidemiology of the East:

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n of nitrate of silver or caustic potash may be placed in the receiver, to fix the

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will furnish the fret one hundred reprint, for half the ooet price.

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Johns Hopkins University, of Baltimore, on the subject of

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more conspicuous than usual, eometimes presenting numerous blidi

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as usual but taking it out in sections seemed to have

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