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in my right hip for six weeks, and then did not fully recover

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commenced on the twenty-sixth of June, and closed on the twenty-

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most frequently, between the ages of fifteen and thirty years, rarely

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influence of chloroform. I found, however, a complete oc-

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aged 24, a machinist. In a friendly scuffle in a room, he had

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One after another the abscesses and sinuses in the limb healed,

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periodicals. One of them is very simple and is that which will therefore

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completely relieved the patient of the distressing sensations caused

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pussilanimous disposition, that he was suffering from a dangerous

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censors for the examination of all candidates for full admission into

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tion is only partial and momentary, and full dilatation

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Vegetable Kingdom is, that they, in common with the Desmi-

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to say, that general excitement produces exactly the reverse condi-

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while the Avoirdupois pound is the pound of no other scale

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no organ can eliminate it. Hence, it is deposited in the

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has not the benefit of the admission of its class to some sufficient hospital.

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while it produces a wonderful relaxation of all the muscles, it re-

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Perhaps the most important among these considerations is the question

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they form arborescent fronds. The entire frond consists of a

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The object of the author of this paper was to direct the attention

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as "Oil Cognac," and is used in manufacturing brandy.


both discharge vapor or sweat charged with salts and effete ani-

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fatiguing. Interesting, because it establishes the efficiency of the restora-

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spleen, tubercular diseases of the lungs, and other forms of

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tion from the author. He urges, also, upon those who are " responsible


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