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It is important that the sections should not be touched

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force ie applied ihrough a screw or its equivalent this

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ushering in the real onset of disease was not at all uni

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prepared for swallowing. Of the twenty five per cent

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ders the walls of the abdomen more tolerant of their

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presented herself in his consulting apartments the first

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portunities for availing himself of it are apt to be less

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ease on the mortality at Bordeaux. The influence of

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and opium in the wild delirium of fever is advised by

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He says it was still living. It was not preserved. Be

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Health. Disinfection and purification zymotic diseases

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association of the two might be considered as convinc

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tions on the part of those to whom the preparation

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taining bile salts. Bile salts inhibit the growth of many

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conjunctivitis. It may here be remarked that we often

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tached is one year s imprisonmeilt in the county laiL and

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indeed only nine examples of a complete dislocation

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killed. Eggs like those of Stegomyia which sink and

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metamorphosis is one of the most striking phenomena

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opacity of the cornea coexists with these adhesions

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Murcmson thinks that typhus fever may be so induced.

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of the wings. Along the costa are four large patches of

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tals at Bethlehem and Bridewell requested the author

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But if all the rumors which reach us have a tithe of

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this to be possible and in his first paper adduces four


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