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to the necessity of keeping up artificial respiration whilst the
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lected case was a very different affair. After the operation was
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legislation during the past year or so indicates the ur
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Wrist joints. These were involved in cases both wrists in the right
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content of the urine was always higher than that of the milk.
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The following table p. shows the calculation based on Oertel s
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masses known as scybala. This is important to remember for
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that in incipient cases antiphthisic serum may over
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decrease in the total number of bacteria during the first few hours
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also with headaches but it was my good fortune to fall a few
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aseptic conditions neither am I acquainted with any observations
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day s hunting by which means he is not altogether de
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Another case of spotted fever to which I was called by Mr.
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the effects of tobacco are soothing and favour sleep yet like other
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Etioloyy ami Pnthob y of Epidnnic Cholera T. W.Gordon of
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out the practice supported moreover by confirmatory cases published
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ever his method of treatment if it lacks this essential
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he having often pass d a Wheyish Liquor after his Urine duringhis Illness.
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the sufferers. The necessity therefore is obvious for so disposing of
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Mr. Butlin sums up his observations with the following
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with rapidity in recent years is the increased employment of
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a series of shallow channels or carriers terraced one
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firm the diagnosis on all patients suspected of having herpes. He was among


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