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able importanoe. He referred to the complexion of the

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inches. In the middle where they unite is the pivot

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porary interference with nerve action these he thinks

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need not therefore be submitted to explanation here.

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other one on the right side is connected by means of a

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responding to the apex of the cone. An analysis de

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The agents just mentionea are deodorizant and anti

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In five cases it is mentioned that the troubles dimin

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the adhesive plasters I continue from day to day for

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as the stain penetrates the red corpuscles it causes the

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plying a strong hgature. I say this was done quickly

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nervous cases this secretion of air generally comes on

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the tube of the endoscope or sol. argenti nitratis xx.

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an oval or circular disc like form more or less flat

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and repair. Tht se constitutional tonic effects of general

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may be termed the right angle position upon the knees.

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Uver and other parts is interfered with by paralysis of

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short piece of webbing which is passed through a slit

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e ifi gt various Fasciolid lt z Schistosonmm htzinatobnun from fneces

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defer the verdict but cannot affect the truth of science.

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is an example of an operation done accidentally resem

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The spores can often be recognised in the living culture

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It suffices for the demonstration of all protozoa. The

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tion of toe growth the pylorus and duodenum crossed

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after the last observation. The precise time of the ces


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