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his confreres it is an injustice not only to him but to the

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median line so that the idea of an ovarian disease was

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ture. The effects of the anesthesia were of short dura

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or with old or thick films for a longer period. It is quite

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tween extension as it is termed by the screw and its

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points with significance to the probability of the iq

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organisms will have gained access to it from air vessels

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persistence of the auricular adenitis and the adenitis of

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ensued. Second The case is of interest in that he has

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be unable to pass an instrument into the larynx is the

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females certainly lack much of that necessary stamina.

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ry nor had he ever had any symptoms of biliary oaloulL

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given the terrible character to tropical fevers which is

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that the granular masses of the alkaloid which are seen

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in backwaters larvae are usually to be found with the aid

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as there were instances in which the old flat ligature

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most tenderlv sympathizing mother and with a patience

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Dr. Davis s motion to refer to Committee on Medical

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public clinics where cod liver oil had been given but

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fluxion in branches of the vessel whose tension has

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tissue in this melted paraffin. The box is then placed

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added to his previous claims to distinction by an ex


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