Silvitrata Quarteira

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Origin. Sulphate of copper exists in solution in the water running

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next day to support her. Lolling is a heinous offence in

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student of internal medicine, of some at least, since

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perceived, therefore, thai the employment of active exercise as a tonic

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ways great thirst. The quickness of the breathing arises


ble quantity of tannic acid of the variety found in galls, a peculiar 6* Wer


indicated for the other mineral acids. (See page 358.)

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the breath and other secretions have an offensive odour, indicating, no

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addition of yeast, and by ilisiillation yields a spirituous liquor, said to be

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ounces for an adult, two or three fluidrachms for a child of two years, to

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in the poorer districts of the large cities, in the

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shrinks, and becomes wrinkled and hardened, iu consequence, as somi

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of the plants are aromatic, either fresh or dried ; but the herb rapidly

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able when broiled, and may be allowed to the invalid, if not

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oil or an unguent. The apartment for the warm bath was

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of geiitian occasions violent nausea and a kind of intuxication.

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for hours, and walk many miles to secure a good specimen

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bit, the oracle of Cos very properly observes, " a longo tempore consueta

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ever avenue it enters the system, whether taken by the stomach, injected '

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known it to prevent the antiperiodic medicine from having its due effect;

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the cerebral centres. In all regular periodical diseaBOS, it is highly prob*

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cases, I should premise blood-letting, general or topical, or both, when

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of the technique of Schaedler andDubos(1962) which consists of sub-

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the bile, and diminish the action of that secretion on the pe-

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iBg; jeL in severe paralysis, tbe former, when not loo much prolonged, is mare


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