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ing treated by transverse or horizontal obliteration of
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of the ventral wall of the thorax. There will then be seen
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cornea a layer of chloride of lead which renders it
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here with all of these genera but only such as are known
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version is reduced spontaneously after the cessation of
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and without any staining passed through absolute alcohol
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sufficient quantities and the spring or river water con
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mously distended and so tense that it was impoesible
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action of the uterine fibres and gave a chance for those
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A contagious disease extends fit gt m the localities
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heart will be easily pulled downwards through the lower
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Life then rests upon the power to renew the materials
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sections may be very gently warmed over a flame till the
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pain was relieved and in four more the cure was com
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dilute carbol fuchsin also gives satisfactory results.
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tions or emoIUent cauplaHms may be applied with ad
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tions so that the spinal portions of the bone were lying
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great part washed away. This measure may be required
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gers trembling with excitement to the relations of the
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thinks rheumatism has a great influence on the develop
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result was as gratifying as in the previous ones related.
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of oratorical display. Student and physicians went to
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the point where the artiBcial anus was and can even
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of morphia in a case of puerperal convulsions occurring
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upon his right side his knees drawn up his face being
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current localized in the affected muscles produced very
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surface of the bodv was tinged 1 gave chloroform in
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rect in my diagnosis. Sometimes the influence is less
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his own hands. Chi one he will pull or make extension
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ing of the simplest book caused intense fatigue and a
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terminated unfavorably. Seventeen years more of ob
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sicians gt preciate them so differently and express tbcnn
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occur wherein it will be necessary to repeat the dose
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microscope is used a watchmaker s glass does equally
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any one day this year is 44. The next day the deaths


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