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fulfil faithfully the duties of a medical practitioner
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as in the study of its pathology. Chiefly among these
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into a sterile watch glass. The air chamber is then
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twenty four parts of pure water before use. The solutions
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report mentions cases of infection recently observed in
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morning should be examined as such discharges accumu
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single horn at other times multiple with ramifications
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ing to his native land. Any of our readers who have
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either of the latter t en in moderation will either
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charges ttom the bowels. The explanation is probably
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relation with vertebrse. In heaiwij the outlines of the
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to admit of being opened by means of a ring or button.
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In his Cdse there was no increase of muscular deve
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or boiled the latter process being by far the most effica
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the back of the head is called the nape. The thorax may
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the larva having gorged itself with blood drops off upon
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M. Legouest exnressed the feeling of the Academy of
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ficiency of breath on exercise and occasional palpita
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which are often visible with the naked eye. On micro
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stile which has a firm handle at the other extremity. I
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fomites soiled with the idvine dischar are especially
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paratively inoffensive organ is to be found in a disgraceful
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and hypopharynx. The lateral walls of the labrum are
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the irritation of the needles and the deformity they oc
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recognised as the equals of those in other professions
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diseases manifest or latent of the kidneys and lungs
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accompanied by ascites. Occasionally the surface of
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