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I can see but three modes of explanation of the ap
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haps needless to call to the mind of many of our read
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pears. The temperature of the bodj therefore affords
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resting stage spores. The resting form is much more
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erally be necessary to give iron the citrate or acetate
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CBion I succeeded by enipk 3ring considerable force in
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inal malady or the result of a new infection. At the
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disposing of such an important matter. He had moved
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similar to or identical with that observed by yellow
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cates a physician s prescriptions without the physician s
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phia with one third or half a grain of tartar emetic
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a thin brown leaf just adhering to the skin. The ope
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to be borne on it. Extension is kept up continually
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a new disease called granuLiCy distinct from tuberculosis
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vivacity of their whole cerebro spinal system. James
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duced vigorous respiratory motions in thirty minutes
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the average age of these was much higher than that of
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because it records something a gentleman did say but
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the contraction of the left ventricle of the heart.
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to the N. Y. Dispensary Surgeon to the Eastern Dispen
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while on the streets he felt a queer sensation at the end
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over the child s head and shoulders as well as over the
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