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esting fv ature of the work is a recital of typical experi
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Such a series of descriptive terms has been drawn up
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coma. Wharton Jones alludes to this but Graefe does
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so much so indeed that he learned to read from three
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fortify the system to prepare it against the a i aults of
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cations to ulcere or olher morbid appearances upon the
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posts of duty in the infected districL this Academy
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ginal fistule. With this reraaininp not only the urine
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ing about to be erected by the Ck gt mmissioners of Public
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that referring to the non existence of any lucid interval
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surgeon who was examining the joint then turned and
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change in the oentre first as a general rule but so it
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from most other dipterous insects not only in the absence
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dairs Island. The building will cost from 100 000 to
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muscle is aided by the abdominal muscles Uie muscular
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parasites are shown in tabular form on the next page
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characterised by having two unequal chromatin masses

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